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Benefits of Cloud Storage

Our online billing software is cloud-based. It is a somewhat ethereal concept but offers some remarkable benefits over traditional desktop programs. In this post we are going to clarify that it is the cloud on the Internet and what are the main advantages of using the cloud.

What is the cloud on the Internet?

The cloud is an Internet storage space. In that storage space the information is not located in your computer but in networks of servers (computers whose only purpose is to store information and “serve” it when necessary) that can be found thousands of kilometers away.

Precisely the concept of cloud exemplifies that the information is in a diffuse place. What really matters is not where the information is, but that it is in a safe and accessible place, and that is something that guarantees the cloud.

It has the main advantage of being omnipresent, almost like a divine figure. This means that you only need one device with an internet connection to access all your data, wherever you are.

In addition, it is a service created for ordinary users, so you don’t need to be a technology specialist to start using this interesting tool. With the advancement of technology, the cloud offers many possibilities in addition to storage, such as editing content and saved personal images, without the need to install any software on the computer.

Many applications you use every day work in the cloud. For example, your email. The mails you receive in your Gmail mail are stored in the cloud, just like the files you put in Dropbox. Now let’s get to know the main advantages of using the cloud.

Say goodbye to local storage

The storage space in the cloud is almost infinite. That means you never have to worry about the free space left on your computer’s hard drive, or the internal memory of your smartphone or tablet.

Megas are a thing of the past; with cloud storage, you’ll have all the information you need securely and ready to use at any time, without missing a comma or semicolon. Texts, images, videos… Everything you imagine and want will have a comfortable space where you can stay at ease.

Save on storage costs

Forget about buying new physical storage devices to store your most important data. A device that guarantees the security of the information, has a high price as much of sale as of maintenance.

On the other hand, storage in the cloud is much more extensive and has a much lower cost, as it is not necessary to maintain any physical element.

In addition, savings occur directly in applications, which do not require expensive software installations on every computer or handheld device. All programs that access cloud storage run from the Internet, without the need for a powerful computer system.

Have your information always accessible

The cloud is accessible from any device with an Internet connection. That means you can use Cloud Bills on any computer, on your Smartphone, on your Tablet…. And at any time of the day. You can consult an invoice from home, if you need it, or on your mobile on the way to work. This is one of its main benefits, along with security.

Cloud storage means that information is always available for consultation, anywhere in the world, with simple Internet access and the introduction of a private password.

In addition, storage greatly facilitates the exchange of data between companies, between the company and its customers, or with individuals. The files are updated in real time, giving access to all people connected at the same time, even if they are physically separated by hundreds of kilometers.

More security and data protection

The cloud is the safest place to store your important data. Data centers (where the servers that make up the cloud are located) have important protection measures against hackers and other threats, in addition to making regular backups.

If you store the information on your computer and your computer breaks down, goodbye to the information. If your computer breaks down and your information is in the cloud, no problem. With this type of tools, you can easily control which users have access to the information, or restrict its entry to certain documents.

It also has other options that allow, for example, a user to view a file, but can not make changes or modifications to it. Of course, it also makes it possible to protect the confidential data of users and the company.

Easier to store your data and more capacity

While the storage capacity of a computer is limited, that of the cloud tends to infinity. Thanks to it you will never have to worry about running out of space again. In addition, you can configure the application based on the space you need, and expand it if it becomes too small at any time.

Cloud storage adapts completely to your needs and circumstances. On the other hand, the cloud allows you to create a structure where to store information, so that it will be perfectly classified.

Thus, it will be easier to add new data and access existing data, saving a lot of time in the process for any user, who will not have to spend long hours looking for a specific file.

Software updates in the cloud are completely transparent. When the program is updated you won’t have to buy a new version or install anything, you will be able to use the new features for the user without any action on your part.

You already know the advantages of using the storage cloud. Now get to know them firsthand by speeding up the billing of your business with Cloud Bills.