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Dog’s Licking Behavior

It’s all-natural for dogs to want to lick and also is often made use of by canines as a method of greeting and expression of love toward their owners. Many pet owners tolerate their dog licking them nonetheless; if the licking is constant or excessive then it could be sign that something is not right with your pet dog.

Reasons That Pet Dogs Lick

Affection – A pet will certainly lick you as an indicator of love. He might be happy to see you if you have actually been away from him for a period of time. He will certainly be unwinded and also happy.

Anxious/Stressed – Your pet might regularly lick you due to the fact that he is burnt out or nervous. If he is licking you at all times this can be the beginning of obsessive/compulsive actions. Ensure he’s obtaining enough workout, interest and play time. He might be burnt out which is triggering him to lick excessively.

Absence of Water/Nutrients – He might be licking because he is not obtaining adequate water or nutrients from his food. Make certain that he always has enough clean water as well as nutrient rich food.

Ticks/Worms – He might have ticks or worms which are creating his skin to impulse. He may begin licking to try to experience the itchiness. Make certain that he’s consistently checked as well as gets normal tick as well as worm therapies.

Modification Your Pet dog’s Behavior

If your dog does lick excessively you will certainly need to establish why. Once you have established the reason why your pet is continuously licking you require to make changes such as taking him for longer walks to tire him out, play with him more frequently, mingle him with other animals and canines, make certain that he’s getting adequate water and nutrients from his food or he may need tick or worm treatment.

Your dog may just be licking you since he is happy to see you. See his body setting as well as disposition. If your pet dog is licking you and also seems pleased, he is showing you love. If you don’t like it or would certainly like him to stop alter your body setting, rise and walk away or command him to quit. Check out this article from Inland Valley Daily Bulletin for more info on dog licking behavior.

Be tranquility and assertive with your animal if you desire him to stop licking you. He may be consistent and also not comprehend that you do like him however do not want slobber around you. Never shout or yell at your canine as this will only terrify him. It might take a while prior to your canine recognizes when to quit licking so be patient with your family pet.

Let other individuals recognize that see your residential or commercial property that your pet dog suches as to lick so that they are not challenged by a slobbering canine (some individuals don’t mind being licked by a pet dog whilst others do not like it).


The most common reason for your canine licking is that he is showing love toward you or it’s his method of stating he’s happy to see you if you have actually been far from him for a period of time. Make certain you constantly view your canine’s habits to exercise if his licking is regular or out of character for him as well as treat appropriately.