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Home Subwoofer Shopping Guide

A subwoofer is a vital part of your stereo that generates low-frequency audio. This low-pitch audio frequency is described as the bass. Sound includes numerous frequencies. Your major speakers are best fit to reproduce high and also mid-range regularities. When your traditional speakers attempt to transmit different noise signals, the outcome will be audio distortion.

Conventional audio speakers can not manage low frequency audio correctly due to the fact that this particular signal requires a great deal of power as well as speakers are unqualified the job. There are several sorts of speakers readily available on the market.

House Subwoofer Specifications

You are advised to do a little bit of study prior to purchasing one. This write-up will fixate a variety of ideas when you are purchasing a subwoofer for the first time.

Energetic and also Passive Subwoofers

Subwoofers are available in 2 basic kinds, energetic as well as passive. A passive subwoofer needs an outside amplifier to power it. It is mainly utilized in auto audio systems as a big speaker or a team of speakers consisted of in a box. An energetic subwoofer, additionally called powered subwoofers has an integrated amplifier. It has its very own power link. With active speakers, there is no requirement for unique wiring arrangements. Powered subwoofers are generally seen as a solitary subwoofer. It is best matched for house theaters, cinema, as well as stereos.


Subwoofers range in size from 4 inches to 20 inches. Large subwoofers generate more bass, yet they are hefty. If you desire a subwoofer for a small apartment, a 20-inch model would be an excellent size. Small subwoofers are convenient and also generate sufficient bass. You may think about in-wall subwoofers that are built right into walls or ceilings. These sort of speakers are appropriate due to the fact that they conserve floor space.

Driver Size

A Subwoofer vehicle driver is a tool that converts electric energy to sound waves. In some cases the vehicle driver itself is described as the audio speaker, particularly when a solitary one is placed in an enclosure. Large drivers generate deep bass. A 10 or 12 inch driver dimension is a great size since it can replicating the most affordable frequency sound.

Kind of Enclosure

A subwoofer enclosure is a cupboard in which audio speaker motorists and other associated electronic devices, such as amplifiers and also cross-over circuits are mounted. Units have various styles. The role of a room is to avoid acoustic waves created by the rear side of the diaphragm of the motorist interacting with acoustic waves generated at the front side. Any type of interaction between both waves will certainly create distortion of the original signal. The style of the cupboard influences the efficiency of the subwoofer. The most common arrangements are base reflex and acoustic suspensions.

Crossover Circuit

A subwoofer crossover is an electric circuit integrated in a subwoofer, or any type of audio speaker system. The work of this circuit is to separate audio signals as well as transfer the appropriate signal to each speaker. In a three-way audio speaker, the high frequency audio speaker receives high frequencies, mid-range audio speakers receive mid frequencies as well as the subwoofer obtains the most affordable frequencies. A crossover circuit improves the performance of a subwoofer. You must search for a crossover frequency of regarding 100 hertz.