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Important types of computer security

Bearing in mind the importance that new technologies have acquired today within companies, it is essential that the computer systems we have in our companies are equipped with good security measures.

It should not be forgotten that in recent times hackers or cyber-criminals have dedicated themselves to illegally entering these systems in order to be able to seize all the confidential data stored in them or also to block them, among other criminal acts.

The truth is that, if a virus gets into the system or we suffer a hack, it can be quite damaging to our company’s reputation, just as the solution to this problem can have million-dollar consequences.

For this reason, we must know the types of computer security and the measures available on the market in order to provide our system with extreme security so that we do not have to worry about being victims of some computer crime.

How many types of computer security are there?

As more and more crimes occur in computer systems, security measures continue to advance, as companies need to have highly protected systems.

Hackers usually perform their main actions on the network, although special care must also be taken with software and hardware, for this reason, there is computer security for each of these three elements:

  • Online Security
  • Software Security
  • Hardware Security

Security for the network

Having good security measures in our network is one of the aspects that we must take into account, since it is in it where they tend to give the biggest hacking or computer crimes.

In other words, viruses, identity theft, illegal intrusions are all part of network crimes and these failures can cause very serious and even irreparable damage.

To do this, there are tools that will help us improve the security of our network that are simple to use and also offer good results. We are referring, for example, to antivirus programs, although we must also make use of antispyware programs.

Similarly, if you need greater computer security for your network firewalls or virtual private networks are also a very good solution.

The aim of all these elements is none other than to give the greatest protection to the network in which we work and thus avoid as much as possible the entry of threats that can cause major problems in the operation of it.

For these tools to be effective, experts often create their own security strategies, including in this case establish various levels so that whenever you are working through the network security remains intact.

Innovation, security for software

Until very recently, software was not taken into account in relation to computer security, but progressively this element has taken a greater role in this sense, since it has been detected that failures in it can seriously damage our system and be an open door for cybercriminals.

Software computer security tools are relatively new and have been created to protect this element from frequent errors that have been the focus of numerous problems. Among others we can talk about failures to implement the software itself or even a small design flaw, any detail can be decisive.

The hardware also needs security

Hardware is another element that needs security, so manufacturers have created tools that offer this service, mainly firewalls and hardware firewalls, although it must also be said that increasingly rely on proxy servers.

What these tools do is to exhaustively control the traffic that occurs on the network, while providing the hardware with a much more powerful security. Within this context, the hardware security modules, known as HSMs, which protect the encryption, should also be highlighted.

Hardware security is one of the most complete, because in addition to all this, another of its functions is to ensure that computer equipment is not exposed to large risks.

In order to learn about these types of security systems in the IT environment, it is advisable for professionals to be trained in an exhaustive manner. For this purpose, courses such as the Master’s Degree in Computer Security or the Master’s Degree in Business Security are recommended.

Let us privilege caution and skepticism in our daily walk, for a good suspicion in time can save us trouble and, possibly, time and money.

And remember, it is essential to be up to date with the emergence of new and better techniques that threaten our “Computer Security”, to try to avoid them or implement the most effective solution possible.