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Selling electronic cigarettes?

In spite of the fact that funds for steaming have been popular in our country for many years now, many questions still remain unanswered. Not everyone knows since how many years electronic cigarettes have been sold, what harm they do to the body, do they cause the development of physical addiction?

How does an electronic cigarette work?

The most primitive electronic cigarette consists of four parts:

  • Battery, which provides the process of steaming with energy.
  • Liquid tanks.
  • A heater, whose work provides evaporation of liquid and the formation of steam.
  • The mouthpiece through which the “final product” is drawn.

You can also add a liquid and steam circulation system to the list. But as is easy to see, there is nothing fundamentally new or complicated in the design. In this case, the smoker (Viper) understands very well what he inhales, because the steam is formed by evaporation of the liquid, the composition of which has been carefully studied and whose safety has long been proven.

If everything is so good, why haven’t everyone switched to electronic cigarettes yet, why poison themselves with tobacco smoke? In fact, there are a couple of moments and one of them is the immediate sensation and taste.

Since when do they sell e-cigarettes?

The issue of selling e-cigarettes can be considered from two points of view – law and morality.

The law, in this respect:

  • It prefers to remain silent, regulating only the sale of tobacco products.
  • It prohibits the imitation of cigarettes in the manufacture of any other device. It may affect the e-cigarette market in some way.
  • He opposes the promotion of tobacco smoking among minors.
  • Can’t do anything about devices and liquids that don’t contain nicotine.

But morality and common sense:

  • Forcing many manufacturers and distributors to limit sales to persons under 18.
  • Prevent sellers from releasing electronic cigarettes and liquids to children.
  • Lead to restrictions in online stores for underage customers.

In most stores, a minor buyer will be told that they can only buy electronic cigarettes when they are eighteen years old. And in others they will not look at the age, quietly letting the device go to the teenager. Through the Internet, you can also order at any age. However, this is not a guide to action.

How harmful is an e-cigarette with liquid?

The question about the harm electronic cigarette is not quite correct, because:

  • The device itself is a simple mechanism, which by itself can not be harmful or useful.
  • The body is influenced by fluids, an expendable material.
  • The degree of harm depends on the composition of the specific “filling”.

As a rule, a vaporizing fluid consists of such components:

As an additional component may be nicotine, but in most cases it is absent. Thanks to the right concentration of glycerine, water and propylene glycol, you get a huge amount of strong enough steam.

The aromatizer adds flavor, for which many have loved the opportunity to soar. All these substances are not toxic in themselves, do not cause the development of cancer and other deadly diseases. In the process of heating and evaporation of liquids separate harmful components are released, but their concentration is a thousand times less than in tobacco smoke.

The name of cigarettes

The only effect on the body, proved in independent studies, was some increase in diastolic pressure, indicating the work of blood vessels. At this point, there is one thing – the participants of the experiment were steaming liquid, which includes nicotine. If not for this, the results could have been even more positive.

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